Welcome to First Mate Yacht Care

Having to deal with cleaning the boat can be a frustrating task, especially when your time can be better spent with family or guests. Your boat likely requires special care to extend the life of it’s finishes that you may not be aware of.

First Mate Yacht Care covers all cosmetic aspects of your boat, and for a price that is less than you think. It is much more effective to simply maintain your boat, rather than try and play catch up with expensive restoration projects later.

FMYC has been around since 2009, and our amazing growth is a testament to our quality and our value. We service all areas from Ironton up to Cheboygan, doing the vast majority of our work in Bay Harbor and Harbor Springs.


First Mate's Crew of dependable people have continued to support our vessel in many different ports...from Michigan...to Maryland...to Florida and the Keys. And they do so in a professional manner, every time! First Mate Yacht Care has become, and will remain, my first choice when I have to call in a "support team" to help me reach my vessel maintenance goals.

Captain Steve Kemp, M/Y MAKARA