Compressor Installation / by admin

Let me tell you a little secret about engine rooms... they are hot! Trevor and I recently spent a few hours in the engine room of a 64' Hatteras installing a new air compressor (and losing a few pounds!) for a customer. The factory install air compressor went bad, and with less than a week until they left for Florida, there was little time to track down an exact replacement. We opted for a dual tank (at our customers request) with a slightly higher pressure rating than the orignal. The idea being it would have to run less often, meaning a quieter boat at night.

There were a few problems we had to overcome. First was finding a compressor which fit into the tight space where the original compressor was mounted. The second, and more daunting, problem was mounting the new unit. The hardware which was built into the hull did not line up with the holes in the base of the new compressor. Since West Marine does not currently stock "corrosion free air compressor mounting kits", we fabricated our own.

The solution was to do a frame/sled combo. We mounted two aluminum (to prevent any rust in saltwater) bars on the existing hardware. We then mounted two similar bars onto the bottom of the compressor. Lining up the two was a bit trickier than what it probably appears in the pictures. Due to the size of the compressor, other hoses, and the nature of the space we were working in, the compressor is not mounted exactly parallel with the hull. It is at an every so slight of an angle, so getting all of the holes in the right location was a bit of a challenge.

In the end, everything fit together and the compressor is securely in place with not much room to spare. The only thing left to do now is to honk the (air)horn and fill up some fenders!