What is a boat washer to do? / by admin

With the first snow on the ground in Northern Michigan, and only a few smaller boat shows going on, what could we possibly be up to?


Estimates, lots and lots of estimates!  Over the past few weeks, and between buffing boats, we have been taking pictures and taking notes on boats in indoor storage.  With our notes and pictures in hand, we make line itemed estimates for each and every boat we look at.  After that is complete, we print, upload, color code, filter, sort, email, and just about any other organizing measure we can take with the estimates to create an easily usable set of estimates for your favorite service manager.  Now the service manager has a detailed list of recommended work, along with prices on hand when you call up and want to your boat looking "First Rate" for its spring launch.


By the numbers:

2,020 - Number of pictures we took of boats in storage.

250 - Number of estimates we have put together in the last 3 days.

44.5 - Number of hours of recommended "dingy detailing" time.

9 - Number of storage buildings we have been through (so far).

Want an estimate for your boat?  Email us at info@FirstMateYachtCare.com, or call 586-275-7861.