SmartPlug! / by admin

Mad Mariner tweeted this morning an article about the SmartPlug, and I think it is a product which word needs to get out about.

I first became aware of the SmartPlug when I meet Ken Smith (president of SmartPlug) at the 2009 Miami International Boat Show. After a quick demo and a few questions, it left me with only one question, "Why isn't this the industry standard?".

What is SmartPlug?

It is the easiest and safest shore power system on the market. A person not familiar with boating could figure out how to plug in your power cord instantly without having to look at the end of the cord and receptor for 5 minutes.

Why isn't it the industry standard? I ran into Ken at a Fort Lauderdale West Marine this fall and it comes down to overcoming the current system which has been in place for decades. As a result, SmartPlug has made easy retro fit kits and adapters in an attempt to ease a potential conversion process.

We see a lot of goofy and unnecessary products at boat shows, but SmartPlug is the one product I think would be a great investment for every boat owner and marina.