Boating Gifts! / by admin

The holiday season is in full swing.  Google maps is going to be tracking Santa and his delivery of packages across the globe.  The website,, will soon be updated.  Snow is starting to pile up on the ground, and you can create your very own and unique snowflake here.  The only thing left to stock up on (besides eggnog) is gifts.

What boating gift should you get your family and friends besides some First Mate Yacht Care gift certificates?  Catherine Pearson at Power and Motor Yacht has a few suggestions of her own.  Be sure to check out West Marine or your local marine store, as they often have great deals during their typically slow season.  Here are a few of ours:

  • Navy Jack Flag (history | buy) - $25-$40 - A great gift for any boater who takes his freedom seriously.
  • Chapman Seamanship & Piloting (buy) - $29.95 - In its 66th edition, it is the ultimate reference guide.  Currently on sale at West Marine.
  • Magazine Subscription - There are a variety of great publications out there.  Even if the person you are shopping for is all digital, most websites have premium online content for subscribers.
  • Seasons Greetings Anchor Cards (buy) - $5 - Behind on sending out cards or want to stock up for next year?  Flavor your cards with some nautical theme.
  • Deluxe Pet Lifejacket (buy) - $29.95 - Do not leave the little furball off the shopping list!  Nevermind how the stroke got named "doggypaddle", every essential passenger needs a flotation device.

Feel free to send us your ideas to or send us a tweet @FirstMateYC.  If you need gift certificates email us or call (586) 275-7861.