Sea Ray, Costco, and Suze Orman! / by admin

From MIBS 2010

Sea Ray hosted their press event yesterday at the Miami Boat Show. Their first announcement focused on their new partnership with Costco. The second was a presentation of a boat to Suze Orman, which was meant to highlight Sea Ray's commitment to women on water (WOW).

The partnership with Costco seems like a great move. Getting your product in front of as many potential customers as possible is never a bad idea. The immediate reaction was two fold:

1.) How will local dealers feel about potential sales going to Costco? 2.) Who will answer customer questions?

The first question was quickly answered. The quick answer was local dealers would be the suppliers for Costco, so it seems like it would supplement their sales rather than force competition. Sea Ray tested out the program on the West Coast with good results, so they decided to roll it out nationwide.

The second question was not addressed. If the local dealers will be supplying Costco, I would imagine they would have ample incentive to make sure customer questions can be quickly answered.

From MIBS 2010

Suze Orman was the spotlight of the event, and was given the keys to a brand new Sea Ray. When she claimed, "I could buy any boat in this convention center, but I want a Sea Ray", it seemed like she was overselling the product. I am not trying to be negative on Sea Ray and their products, but if I could afford any boat in the convention center, I would opt out for another brand. Without unlimited funds however, a Sea Ray might be a great value given its price tag.

Overall Sea Ray is definitely focused on getting more people out on the water, and I think that is something we can all be excited about.