Interview witih MJM's Bob Johnstone / by Trevor

We were fortunate enough to have some time with Bob Johnstone on Sunday at the Miami Show, and boy did he have some insight on the industry, and what makes an MJM an MJM.

Bob Johnstone has had an illustrious career (amazing bio here), from Quaker Oats management, to Secretary/Treasurer of the Olympic Sailing Committe to building J Boats, and now at the reins of his eponymous MJM.

Some of the questions Mr. Johnstone tackles include:

What his history of sailboats taught him about building powerboats.

What the coveted "Class A Ocean" rating the MJM holds means (hint; 23ft seas!)

Why IPS/Axius are both great innovations for MJM and the market as a whole.

What gives an MJM that patented look!

Around the 6 minute mark Mr. Johnstone reveals (for the first time?) the meaning of MJM!