One of the Biggest- M/Y Octopus / by Trevor

Paul Allen must have been in town for the Superbowl before the Miami show, as one of the worlds biggest toys was at Port of the Everglades in Ft Lauderdale. The boat is so big, I don't know where else they could put it, and wouldn't be suprised if it wouldn't fit ANYWHERE in Miami (with the busy cruise ship schedule). If the Seahawks would have made, maybe he would have brough Tatoosh for guests The boat was very impressive as we approached it... in our kayak. The boat is massive. It is clearly well finished, but having to meet classifications of a ship that big, things like the life raft and stern anchor were more function than form. The stern locker, which holds the 63ft sportfish tender (Man-o-War) is enormous. It is hard to find a better adjective than 'massive'!

A few stats on the boat, but first, realize a boat like this gets a lot of press, and things may get sensationalized.

Built by Lurssen, 415ft long. Longest in the world when launched in 2003.

Initial cost of $200mm, estiamted to cost $20mm to maintain, or $380,000 a week.

Fulltime crew of 60, including a few Navy Seals for security.

2 Helicopters (one looked to fit a few more people, if anyone knows the helicopter models please let me know!)

7(?) tenders (not sure if this counts the lifeboat), 2 submarines, one remote controlled for deep exploration.

3,000 metric tons... thats a lot of boat. 224,400 gls of fuel. Eight x 2,400 hp Mercedes-Benz diesels + Two x 6 MW ABB electric motors