More reasons to build/buy from Hargrave / by Trevor

Being signed up for many manufacturers' mailing lists is a great way to keep a pulse on things. Hargrave is trying to keep the lines moving, (I know they have a few builds going right now) as they just rolled Victoriano out of the plant. We did not get a chance to get on the boat at Miami, but will try again at Palm Beach.  Anyways, they are a great semi-custom manufacturer. Here are a few points to consider when commisioning a build at time like now:

This year, 2010, is the best year to buy or build a Hargrave Custom Yacht.

Reason No. 1: It is a buyer's market

  • Down-turning economy keeps prices lower at both manufacturers and brokers
  • Lower price opportunities bring greater value per dollar for those who are ready to buy
  • Current boatyard production levels means even more individual attention to details and extras

Reason No. 2: Prices will never be any lower than they are now

  • Prices on new yachts, pre-owned yachts, and even yachts on the drawing board are drastically reduced. This is the best buying opportunity in the yacht business in thirty years.
  • Even engines and electronics are less expensive overall than they were a year ago
  • While sales are starting to pick up pricing strategies are still extremely aggressive

Reason No. 3: Buy Low, Sell High

  • Our advice to our clients is simple - buy when nobody is buying, sell when everyone is buying
  • When you are ready to sell again, your 2010 yacht will command more money in the resale market because so few new boats were delivered in the same time frame, thus you will have few, if any, comparable competitors to sell against
  • Unlike financial securities, hard assets like homes, yachts, and aircraft benefit from replacement costs which always increase over time

Also, Hargrave is more than happy to lock in the savings of the current economy if you do decide to act now.