Honda & Shurhold Partner in Robot / by admin

Shurhold and Honda have just announced their newest product offering: an automated boat washing robot. This move should come as no surprise to industry insiders. Honda has done a lot of PR work pushing their robots and extensive efforts to find early adopters of their cutting edge technology. By moving into the marine industry, they are hoping to tap into the deep pockets of luxury yacht owners who love their gadgets and toys. Shurhold was a natural fit, with their extensive offering of boat cleaning products, which all are interchangeable. It should be interesting to see if/when a West Marine generic branded version appears.

Automatic Polishing Robotic Intelligent Lifeform 1 (APRIL1) do it for you!

APRIL1 is 5 foot tall, 104 pounds, voice-activated machine with these great features:

Non-marking, non-slip foot pads Fully waterproof Can float Optical Gloss Meter sensors in its eyes 12 hour run time on a full charge 1 hour charge time