Sunsation Powerboats 2010 Open House / by admin

This weekend the Algonac, Michigan based company Sunsation Powerboats hosted their 2nd annual open house. Even if you have no interest in boats, the event is worth stopping at for the food and other toys sitting around the building. The highlight of the event was showing off their new 36' Dominator SSR, which Sunsation has already sold half a dozen of.


Vice President and Owner of Sunsation Powerboats, Joe Schaldenbrand, took a few minutes to take us through a few of the features on the 36'.

Sunsation certainly did a great job of adding finishing touches on the 36' (and all their other models). An in house CNC machine gives them great flexibility to design great custom touches on everything they do. From the mirrors above the engines, to battery covers, they make most of it in house.

I would recommend anyone interested in buying any type of boat try visiting the factory prior to purchasing a boat. It gives you a chance to see the amount of time and detail the manufacturers put into their products. Similar to Hell's Bay, it is obvious after spending five minutes in the Sunsation factory they have a lot of passion for powerboating, and have a great amount of pride in the work they do. All of this manifests itself in a great end product which will serve any customer well.