Protect Your Eisenglass/Strataglass during the winter. / by admin

Either while working in winter storage, or getting boats ready to launch, I always see a lot of boaters being hard on their eisenglass. Either folded, VERY tightly rolled, or just tossed around with while still dirty all over different surfaces. An excellent solution is to just hang your eisenglass up at home, either in the garage or basement. All of the hardware that is used to attach your glass to your boat, can be bought at your local marine store. Just buy tracking and/or snaps, a few 2"x4"s, and with a few extra minutes you can hang your glass all winter long! Right now is a great time to get this set up since you will be in and out of the marine store anyway, and it will give you something else to tinker with in the garage while you have all of your tools and toys pulled out.

This great idea comes from the Power and Motoryacht forums (HT:copout).