Classic Boats and Refits / by admin

With the Bay Harbor Vintage Car and Boat Festival coming up this weekend, it is as good as time as any to link to a story about President JFK's (slightly more well known President than Dirk Boehmer!) former yacht "Honey Fitz" going through a refit:

While Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower used her, as did subsequent American leaders, Lenore II gained a high profile under President John F. Kennedy. That’s also when she gained the name Honey Fitz, a nickname of JFK’s grandfather. JFK used the yacht every summer weekend, often cruising with his young children. (On an interesting side note, one of the original Kennedy life preservers and two of the flags from the boat are in the Kennedy Library in Massachusetts.)

Honey Fitz is presently up on the hard in Riviera Beach, Florida at Moores Marine, an antique- and classic-yacht restoration company. The team of expert woodworkers are replacing planking and carefully evaluating the original drawing plans to ensure the restoration is accurate. Moores Marine is well versed in American-made wooden yachts, having rebuilt the 92-foot Trumpy Innisfail, the 63-foot Mathis Washingtonian, and others.