Kismet / by Trevor


Just north of the 17th st bridge lays Kismet. This beautiful boat has me rushing to post even before I can get any high quality pictures. Pacing back and forth, I cannot find an imperfection in design or finish. Every part of the layout makes more ad more sense the longer I look at it. The lower companionway, seeming open but in fact glassed in, makes perfect sense. Forward of that, an (owner's?) Balcony has tall windows and a fitting balcony. Portholes abound, along with overbuilt hawsepipes, capable of handling lines larger than 2". The arc, which is a common design in the profile, is not considered so important so as to overpower the necessity of the layout, but is still obvious. Some boats pick a line, whether circles, arcs, parabolas, and make the boat fit, leading to awkward layouts.

The gray hull and standard red boot is simple, and, works,  without another trace of red on the boat.

To reiterate and to pay respect to Lurssen, I cannot find a flaw on this boat. Evry line, every hatch, is perfect. The door to the gangway has the standard 'euro' hinge (internal hinge hiddne when closed allowing 180* opening), but it also appears to be hydraulically assisted, or at least dampened. The tender garage is seamless. Truly amazing.

I remember being this awestruck paddling up to OCTOPUS,  but that was different, sheer size rather than finesse.

Finally, as a nod to the crew, other than some rust by the anchor (must be a bear to stay up on), and a few spots on a window, the boat looks perfect. If I saw anything in the last 45 minutes standing here, id say it.

Truly inspiring.

More media to come