The Robb Report's "Connoisseur's Guide to Buying a Yacht" / by Ryan

Robb ReportFor avid readers of luxury living publications, the Robb Report is an obvious staple in your head's magazine rack.  Whether you are in the market for a new yacht or simply enjoy pretending, you will likely enjoy their "Connoisseur's Guide to Buying a Yacht".  It's an interesting read and at the very least, offers a glimpse at the greener grass on the other side of the fence (and rest assured, if your problems include deciding on a custom vs. semi-custom yacht, the grass is in fact greener). From the Robb Report website...

Whether you are considering a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, your first step should be to decide whether to buy production, semi-custom, custom, or brokerage. Here are some of the things that might nudge you one way or another:

If getting your yacht quickly is your primary goal, then you should consider a new production or semi-custom yacht, or a brokerage yacht that does not require an extensive refit.

If having your yacht exactly the way you want it is your key aspiration, then you should consider a new custom or semi-custom yacht, or a brokerage yacht with a large after-sale budget for refit.

If price is your main consideration, then you should shy away from new, fully custom yachts. You can often find new production or semi-custom yachts in the same price range as custom-built brokerage yachts, though the new models will typically be smaller.

Whatever your motivation, head over and give their site a look.  It's good for at least a couple hours of unadulterated envious drooling!