Holiday Gift Ideas - Pirate Edition! / by Ryan

Fighting Chair

Fighting ChairThis may be for a motorcycle, but imagine the same concept on your Stidd Helm Chair or a Blue Water Custom Seat! I'm sure for the right price, either company will knock something like this out for you. It sure adds new meaning to "fighting chair". No marlin would ever be out of your reach again. Major bonus points to the first Sport Fishing boat we see one of these bad boys on their aft cockpit!

With the recent rise in piracy threats in international waters it may be a smart investment, at least that's what you can tell your wife when it comes time to justify the expense. Rest assured, nobody else on the dock would have one of these!

I'm often surprised at the price of captains chairs and fighting chairs that, while they are beautiful, seem to lack a lot of personality. Most look roughly the same to me, feature somewhat homogeneous leather quality, adjustment options, and come in white, off-white, or black. I've never been all that impressed by anything I've seen at the major boat shows, or on custom builds. Some Italian builders like Pershing will install custom seats that seem better suited for a cigarette boat or go-fast, but they still leave a lot to be desired. I understand that the seats serve a largely utilitarian purpose, but that's no reason why an owner shouldn't get a little creative.

Personally I think that saddle leather looks better than standard black or white, especially when placed in the often wood and chrome filled interiors of most high end yachts.

I would love to be proven wrong, so lets see some pictures of your custom work!