Google Founder Larry Page Buys Luxury Yacht "Senses" / by Ryan

Larry Page - Senses

Add another business tycoon to the rolls of mega yacht owners! Larry Page has just signed on the dotted line to complete the purchase of "Senses", the 59 meter yacht was built by  Schweers Shipyard with an interior designed by Philippe Starck in 1999. It was  listed on the boat international website for €35 million ($45.9 million), according to the New Zeeland Herald.

Senses comes equipped with all of the standard amenities one would expect on a mega yacht; jacuzzi, helipad, fitness center, etc. The (relatively) modest mega yacht comes with 14 crew and can accommodate 12 guests.

Why the sudden interest in yachting? NY Magazine has a theory...

"We were just kidding around when we speculated that Google co-founder Larry Page was jealous that Goldman's Facebook deal may have doubled Mark Zuckerberg's estimated $6.9 billion net worth. But now it looks like Larry may actually have been feeling a little insecure about sharing his status of one of the tech industry's top ranking billionaires with a hoodie-sporting, snot-nosed little upstart like Zuck. The news that Facebook surpassed Google as the country's most visited website probably didn't do his ego any favors. Apparently, the 37-year-old Page just plunked down $45 million from his estimated $15 billion dollar fortune on a superyacht called Senses."

Regardless of his reasons, welcome Larry! Just think of all the sweet sea apps that will come of his time at sea!