FMYC's Stance on "Pay to Play" / by Trevor

Thanks for the image :,r:5,s:0People often ask at shows why we choose the topics we choose for content. Some industries work on a "pay to play" basis, such as a magazine running reviews or articles on a product only if that business has paid for advertising with them. This practice tends to skew the selection of content (only content from advertisers gets to be a pattern), as well as erodes the credibility of the content creator, as they are not regarded as arbitrary or unbiased (not saying they have to be completely neutral, but at least not able to be bought). When we walk around a boat show, we like what we like. This means that boats we know, and products we use, are things we know a lot about! If there is a product we want to learn more about, there is no better way to that than to bring out the camera. If we are doing a video, you bet we do some research so we don't look silly on YouTube! We do tend to have content available disproportionately to companies we work for over companies we don't. This is simply due to the fact that we have access to these boats. Working on them provides us time on the boats to see what we do and don't like, and time to take pictures of them! We develop relationships by working for these people, and once they recognize we are more than just a couple of boatwashers, they open up to us and take time to provide interviews.

I am writing this to dispel any ideas that we ONLY show content from customers. Not true. I also want to go on the record and say that we do not guarantee or even suggest that we will feature anyone if they give us business. We work for a few companies that we do not care to post about, all there is too it.

At the chicago show, we went up to a booth, explained who we were and what we did, only for the exhibitor to reply that he was "not interested" and didn't think his product should "be associated" with us. This was of course insulting to us, but really shows considerable ignorance on his part. This was not a luxury brand. However, the attitude of coming to a boat show to represent a product, only to give a cold shoulder to the guys excited about what you have with press passes? I don't think that is standard operating procedure. We try to take the high road, and though I have plenty of pictures and opinions of boat X, I will not use this outlet to trash it. That would suggest that my opinions are easily swayed, and that it was emotion, rather than well thought out analysis of the product.

In any case, enjoy our content, let us know if you have any questions, and if you have a boat or a product that you think we would be interested in featuring, send us something and maybe we will see you at the next show!