Live From the PowerCat Group! @MiamiBoatShow #MIBS / by admin

The Miami Boat Show just started, and there is already a few press conferences going on. I'm currently at the PowerCat Group (World Cat, Glacier Bay, Livingston and Caralina Cat) and they are currently discussing their business strategy (probably a common theme today!).

They just introduced the Carolina Cat line and are debuting the Carolina Cat 18 (which looks REALLY clean, they must have a good detailer). Pictures and more specific details on their way! We must admit, we love their model selection for the press shots! (Update) It sounds like they are really targeting first time boat buyers with this boat. Without power you are looking at around $22k, with power and a few options around $31k.

Update: Pictures!

From MIBS Press

The PowerCat Group is planning is planning on trying to dominate the catamaran group. There is a "fragmented market", and no one company has a huge market share. So the focus of the PowerCat Group wants to differentiate their product and pick up some market share. Their strategy is based on one thing, if 95% of fishermen do not buy a catamaran, 5% will. Great plan, but will they really capture 5%? PowerCat has scooped up Glacier Bay, World Cat, and Livingston through different opportunities be in economic crisis or natural disaster. They are hoping to get boaters young and keep them in one of their brands. Best of luck guys!