STRBRD -- A New Online Tool to Organize Race Crew / by Trevor

Though Michigan is not quite Newport, or will be hosting the America's Cup anytime soon, we do have plenty of sailing. Small races, like the Wednesday night Charlevoix Yacht Club Races, mid size events such as the Red Fox Regatta, and some bigger races, such as the Chicago to Mackinaw Race. Getting your crew, which may be a larger pool than always necessary, as everyone is part time and has conflicting schedules, can be a hassle. Everyone travelling, keeping everybody up to date on whats going on with the boat, etc are factors. is an online tool for organizing everything your team needs. Having a unique page for your boat and integration with social networks makes sure everyone knows whats going on. Also, rich media uploading allows everyone to contribute to the photo pool, and posting of race results is like a virtual trophy room! Be sure to check it out if you have a crew that is a little disorganized!