Working with Billy Black! / by Trevor

I had a great time helping the world renowned marine photographer Billy Black take some photos on the 58 Cranchi recently. Myself and Christy were  not only cleaning the boat for the shoot, but also helping stage lights and occasionally modeling (looking fabulous) for the pictures.

I am so impressed by Billy Black. Not only is this many so knowledgeable, and so good at taking photos ( you really should check out his site, especially the J-class stuff), but also such a hard-working and nice man. It seems like every day of a boat show, he is already setting up his equipment by the time we are walking on the docks, and we are usually the early bird! But also, he is always smiling and making jokes, and just a joy to be around.  With Billy's permission I will post some pictures, but in the meantime you can look for them in the upcoming Swimsuit issue of Southern Boating magazine!

Maybe I can show I slight preview...

Property of Billy Black!