Krogen Express Rendezvous / by Jeff

The last weekend this march was a perfect time to enjoy the tropical weather at the South Seas resort on Captiva Island, Florida which was the Rendezvous of eight Krogen Express Yachts.

After washing four of these boats from superstructure to hull that weekend with the one and only Trevor Duke, I realized how luxurious this style and size of boat would be as an owner / operator.  Just big enough to throw a party and withstand rough seas with its vee hull (semi-planing!), but not so large that you need a crew to maintain it.

As a fairly new employee of Trevor's, I sat in on my first yacht care orientation of his with all the Krogen owners there.  And much to my surprise, there was so much more that I have yet to learn from the master.  Knowing when to use the right products, tools and methods to cleaning yachts might as well be an art.  I guess the most important thing I learned from this orientation is the importance of a proper weekly wash for your yacht.