Fire in Bay Harbor Contained / by Trevor

It would seem that the agreement by Bay Harbor and the Petoskey Fire department to put a fire station directly across the street from downtown Bay Harbor is paying off already. Yesterday afternoon, there was a fire in the Village Beach area, between the Inn and Downtown Bay Harbor. Bay Harbor immediately sent out an email saying they were aware of, and were containing the fire. The fire destroyed one house, did some damage to another, and another suffered water damage.

This cell phone photo sent to me was early enough to still show the fire:

Also, take a look at this Petoskey News Review article with some pictures once the fire was out, and a video of the fire crew putting out the fire.

The fire last year was cause for much speculation as to what started the fire, and how the matter was handled. (FMYC will not comment/gossip on these issues to respect owner's privacy). Let's hope this fire is quickly to be determined accidental, and the investigation wrapped up quickly. I am certain they will demolish quickly, as I don't think DJ wants to stare at the charred frame a minute more than necessary.