"Trevor's Tips" -- for a Great Summer / by Lewis Butler

Yea, Yea, Laugh all you want, but this was in  Southern Boating Magazine

Yea, Yea, Laugh all you want, but this was in Southern Boating Magazine

1. One of the many things I learned from my Grandpa was to take safety seriously. You don't have to quite go 'full blown Grandpa Duke' with a knife next to every cleat, but going over where the life jackets are with overnight guests is a good start. Here is a good checklist to go through to help avoid any issues while on the water. Does everyone on board at least know how to operate the boat, and the radio if there were any problems?

2. Make a schedule!  Don’t miss out on exciting summer trips due to a lack of planning. Block out some time and make some dock reservations now to ensure you reach all your cruising goals and have a great time this summer! This is easy for a couple, harder with a family, and very difficult with guests; but this is why you have the boat! I did Sister Bay, WI for the first time last year, and it is ALMOST as beautiful and cozy as Northern, Mi. Not to mention it is an even easier trip than Chicago or the North Channel.

3. Add a gadget! Whether it be a new radio with DSC/AIS, a fancy new trinket for the missus in the galley, or a comfortable new chair for the aft deck, go for the upgrade that you have been looking forward to! The more pride you have in your boat, the better. Having new toys keeps it fun!  Two of my favorite toys on a boat I ran over the winter were a GoPro, and a Yeti Cooler. That cooler is amazing. 

4.Get your boat detailed! Why go through half the summer with a dirty boat? Not only will you enjoy it more, but your dock neighbors will respect you more, your broker will be more willing to show the boat, and it will hold it's value. This is a win-win-win-win! We have a great and experienced crew ready to take care of you, call Trevor today at 248-974-8351  or email Trevor@FirstMateYachtCare.com to book your next service!