Jeff Van Anderson - Florida Manager / by Lewis Butler

I moved down to Florida and I'm here to stay! This is yacht capital USA, and First Mate has decided to set up shop permanently here in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My name is Jeff Van Anderson, a veteran First Mate Yacht Care manager and now the Florida branch Manager. For the past few years, I have been working in Northern Michigan, but as the demand for First Mate’s services grew in Florida, we decided a permanent Fort Lauderdale team would be the best way to handle the needs of our customers.

The added value to the customer by having a team stationed in South Florida is that we can get the absolute best quality people working on a yacht with short notice; we are consistent and available seven days a week, year round. The yachts we work on in here may have slightly different needs than those up in Michigan, but we follow the necessary procedures and precautions that were designed to properly and safely take care of any vessel.  Just recently our team finished working on our second 164’ mega yacht of the season!

Overall, the Florida team is still growing and taking on more and more projects every day. The transition has been exciting and Florida has yielded many new jobs, and even more opportunities.

- Jeff