Big Brother Watches Boat Washers... by Trevor

To supplement the Bay Harbor Lake Marina webcam, it looks like the Yacht Club is catching up. These webcams are a great way to keep an eye on your boat, particularly in regards to the weather. You can decide if it is a good day to take the boat out, or be able to tell how hard the boat is bouncing in a storm (not in protected Bay Harbor, mind you!).

Yet another great use of these cameras? Watching us clean your boat. WOW.

The camera pans around to cover the entire bay, and zooms in to check on BHLM in the distance. If only you could control it to zoom in on individual boats!


Buyer's Guide: Nozzles by admin

Nozzle #4

It is almost hard to believe I am writing this post, but there are a lot of options out there! I was organizing some of our gear today and came across a few nozzles which have earned themselves a permanent home in the bottom of a bucket. For something which only has a few moving parts, there are a lot of design features to consider. We will start with our least favorite and work towards our nozzle of choice.

Nozzle #1 Pros: Comfortable rubberized grip Cons: The tip of the nozzle is metal. The best way to keep a metal nozzle from banging into your boat and/or scratching it? Do not let it on the boat to begin with. Grade: D+ By definition it is a nozzle, but only to be used on non-paying customers.

Nozzle #2 Pros: All plastic construction with a soft rubber grip. Cons: Multi-flow head limits variability of flow on the go. Grade: C Less likely to cause damage than nozzle #1, but limited flexibility while in use can be frustrating.

Nozzle #3 Pros: Soft rubberized grip with classic single flow option. Cons: Extra stream setting on tip of nozzle requires fidgeting with, and threaded adjustment knob on rear of handle is prone to fall off. Grade: B- Unlikely to cause damage, single flow option surprisingly gives more flexibility in flow options. Using a lighter to melt rear adjustment knob is always an option.

Nozzle #4

Pros: Non-adjustable rear adjustment knob is not threaded, no piece to lose! Hinge mechanism is plastic, not metal, and as a result will not rust. Cons: Hard rubber handle. Grade: A- Hey, no nozzle is perfect! Get this to me in a soft plastic model and we can talk about that A. To be honest, the material choice is a very minor issue. No pieces to lose and rust is a huge plus. This nozzle can be found for $5 at your local marine store, and oddly enough is the cheapest of all your options! Now if they could just trap the rubber washer in there permanently...

For all the diving lovers out there - How to hold your breath like David Blaine by Ryan

If you are like many boaters, diving around to check out fish, ship wrecks, and other underwater curiosities probably gets you excited. If you are looking to shave a couple of bucks off of your boating budget but don't want to sacrifice the underwater scenery, you can try ditching the expensive scuba gear for some serious free diving!

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Miami Boat Show - Beyond Boats! by admin

Headed to the Miami International Boat Show (not to be confused with the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show!), but want more to do than just looking at boats?  No problem, there are a lot of people to meet and events going!  Here is a brief overview from the show website:

Meet Russell Newberry, Star Deckboss from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch

Russell Newberry landed his first Bering Sea crab job at age 24 aboard the fishing vessel Diamond Head. Over the years, he developed a reputation as a hard working, dependable “crustacean excavator”.

During the 2006 King Crab season, Russell landed a half-share job aboard the F/V Time Bandit, a featured vessel on Discovery Channel's reality show Deadliest Catch. When the rest of the crew quit, he found himself propelled to a full share job. His endeavors aboard the Time Bandit have been documented on TV and in the book "Time Bandit" by Malcolm McPherson.

2009 was a crazy year for Russell. He left port on the Time Bandit, only to find himself returning to port on another featured vessel the Wizard. When opilio season was over he moved to a new featured vessel, the Kodiak for king crab season—three crab vessels in one year—three very different operations—six to eight different captains! But one thing stayed the same—the crew; always tired, always wet and always watching each others backs. Learn more about Russell at

Appearance Times – Space 3114 Outside Patio, Miami Beach Convention Center Thursday & Friday:11 am–2 pm & 3 pm–6 pm Saturday, Sunday & Monday: 11 am–2 pm & 3 pm–5 pm

Discover Boating Resource Center

Interactive educational series and hands-on approach to training featuring on-the water clinics and fun!  Pre-registration has begun sign up in advance for these opportunities.  Pre-registration ends Thursday February 10th.  On-site Registration will be available all days of the show at the Discover Boating Resource Center. Don't miss the boat!

Dive & Travel Harbor

Visit the best dive and travel feature in the continental United States – a true 'show within a show' for all diving and travel enthusiasts. From scuba products and gear to travel, resorts and boating destinations, you'll find it here! The Dive & Travel Harbor is centrally located on the first floor of the Miami Beach Convention Center with easy access to an outdoor demonstration area.

Big Game Room

Celebrating its eighth year, the Big Game Room returns with all of your favorite events!  Have a drink at the Marlin Bar while waiting for the next educational seminar to begin. Take a walk over to the Bait Rigging Station and improve your rigging techniques. And of course you'll see the latest in products for the fishing world and destinations with the best sport fishing in the world. Don't forget to sign up for the Exhibitor Prize Give Away!! The Big Game Room has it all - don't miss it.

Affordability Pavilion

Think owning a boat is out of your reach? Think again! When it comes to enjoyable ways to spend your leisure time, boating is far more affordable than you may realize. Be sure to stop by space # 3549 and check out this special showcase of boats you can own for less than $250 per month.

Great Line Cleaning Tool for the Do-It-Yourselfer by Ryan

If you want to put together a great tool for a quick line cleaning gadget, head on over to the website and check this out. The tool will cost you about $10.00 and ten minutes to put together and will likely save you a lot of time.

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