Putting Depths to Scale by Trevor

XKCD is a very intelligent comic, and pretty much every post has something to do with science. Every so often there is a large format comic explaining some macro scientific concept. Today's is talking about depths, likely brought about by James Cameron's recent dive. It does a pretty good job explaining how massive the ocean is. Be sure to click the image for an expanded version, and read all the fun facts (a few are jokes, but some good trivia in there!).

A Voyage to the Antarctic by Ryan

Hamilton hand-netting for macro-plankton from Aurora / Photograph by Frank Hurley / Format: Silver gelatin photoprint  Read more:

I've got a little explorer inside of me, as most young men do. I've always dreamed of an expedition to a far away land. Unfortunately most everything has been explored and, short of diving miles below the ocean, there probably aren't any places I could discover and append with my name. There will likely never be an Amerigo Vespucci moment for me. Alas, I can still dream of times not so long ago when I would have most certainly jumped on some of the first expedition voyages to the great unexplored Antarctic! Today over at, they've done just that, offering up a wonderful set of photos from a 1911 voyage by a group of Australian scientists. It's full of all the sea creatures, ship wrecks, and crazy fishing that every boater loves! "These images come from James Francis (Frank) Hurley, the official photographer to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and other members of the expedition who compensated for their lack of photographic acumen with sheer enthusiasm and visceral curiosity about the novel landscape that unfolded before their eyes."

Check out these awesome images and find the rest of them at

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