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A Voyage to the Antarctic by Ryan

Hamilton hand-netting for macro-plankton from Aurora / Photograph by Frank Hurley / Format: Silver gelatin photoprint  Read more: http://www.brainpickings.org

I've got a little explorer inside of me, as most young men do. I've always dreamed of an expedition to a far away land. Unfortunately most everything has been explored and, short of diving miles below the ocean, there probably aren't any places I could discover and append with my name. There will likely never be an Amerigo Vespucci moment for me. Alas, I can still dream of times not so long ago when I would have most certainly jumped on some of the first expedition voyages to the great unexplored Antarctic! Today over at brainpickings.org, they've done just that, offering up a wonderful set of photos from a 1911 voyage by a group of Australian scientists. It's full of all the sea creatures, ship wrecks, and crazy fishing that every boater loves! "These images come from James Francis (Frank) Hurley, the official photographer to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, and other members of the expedition who compensated for their lack of photographic acumen with sheer enthusiasm and visceral curiosity about the novel landscape that unfolded before their eyes."

Check out these awesome images and find the rest of them at brainpickings.org...

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Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom - For the boating child at heart by Ryan


pirate ship bedroom1

When I saw these pictures this morning, my jaw dropped! What cooler project could a father and a son take on together than building the ultimate in fantastically imaginative decor? Complete with a two story climbing rope, birds nest, port holes, a 2 story tube slide, and working rope bridge, this is by far the coolest nautical wonderland outside of a real pirate ship I have ever seen.

From mymodernmet.com...

More than just an incredible design, the ultimate pirate ship bedroom was the culmination of a father's dream. As the designer Steve Kuhl tells us, "Our client grew up as a repressed type-A child and never really lived the childhood he dreamed of. He had to help support the family from a young age. When he became a father one of his goals was to give his son, Zach, a childhood full of play and adventure. He approached me about designing something special. I conceptualized a few different ideas including a space ship and a race car. Ultimately, the pirate ship ruled the day."

I for one am as jealous as any 4 year old! You can read more of the imaginative owner's interview and see original sketches of early design here.

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Live From Miami - #MYBS Photo Album! by admin

A few pictures of the convention center not enough? Well here are a few pictures from the Miami Yacht Brokerage Show! We have it all in our preview photos! Big boats, hanging hullside washers, bikini boat washers, teak sanding, big boats being moved into position, and of course the First Mate Crew! Enjoy!

Live From The Miami Boat Show! by admin

Just can not wait to get into the Miami Boat Show?! Well here is a sneak peek! Not quite as glamorous as you envisioned it?  Just wait a few days.  With some elbow grease and boat show magic it will become your boating mecca. My personal favorite photo is the wrap on the Contender. Leave your comments on your favorite pictures!

Sing Us a Song - Grand Piano found on Biscayne Bay Sand Bar by Ryan

Cocktails anyone? Someone, maybe an artist, maybe a sarcastic hipster, has placed a Grand Piano on on a sand bar in Biscayne Bay on a sand bar.

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Photo of the Day! - The Crew Relaxing! #flibs by admin

You were probably expecting a photo of some amazing mega yacht or some beautiful booth girls, but here is something even more priceless: the crew relaxing by the pool!  These guys have been putting in 10 hour days for the past week to make all those boats as shiny as possible, way to go guys!  Now remember, we have 90 ft of boat to two step yet tonight, so don't get too much sun!

Photo of the Day - Stormy Skies and Empty Docks! #flibs by admin

You will not see this very often at the Fort Lauderdale Show!  A bunch of boats, empty docks, and stormy skies in the usual sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Sunday was a bit slow in terms of set up, but there were still plenty of fork lifts, booth construction, and boat washing going on!  A few more boats moved in today, and we expect the pace to only quicken from here.  It is truly amazing how much work gets done in such a short amount of time leading up to the start of the show.

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show Set Up - Photo of the Day #FLIBS by admin

Things are in full swing at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!  Above the M/Y Incentive is moved into its show position.  It was really impressive watching the coordination of multiple push/pull boats, captain, and various crew during docking.  On one side there is a yacht inches away, and on the other side is a vendor display tent.