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The Mochi Craft Long Range 23 by admin

The highlight of Trawlerfest for me was touring the Mochi Craft LR 23 by Ferretti.  In addition to having a very open  and modern layout, it also is powered by a hybrid propulsion system.

From Miami Boat Show Trip

Hybrid Propulsion

There have been only a handful or earnest attempts at integrating hybrid technology into boats, and this by far is one of the best efforts to date. Rather than trying to cover the boat in solar panels, or compromise performance, the Mochi executes a realistic plan well. The reduction in noise and smoke make the use of hybrid propulsion a selling point, rather than THE selling point.

From Miami Boat Show Trip

The LR 23 still has traditional diesel driven power, but then many variations.  The diesels can power electric driven motors, the generators can charge the batteries which drive the electric motors, or the electric motors can draw power just from the wall of batteries mounted in the engine room.  The great advantage yachts have over their automobile counterparts is there is already a network of battery charging stations, shorepower!  (Now if we could only convert over to the Smartplug!)

While there certainly is a great deal of tech behind hybrid systems, the bigger hurdle to overcome is battery technology.  Lugging a wall of batteries from the engine room and replacing them is no small task and can not be cheap.  Even if there is a cost effective way to do this, what is to become of the pile of batteries left behind?

Overall Design

The one thing which is very clear when you step aboard is the design team spent a great deal of time thinking about every aspect of the yacht.  Opting to not go with the traditional aft deck salon doors leaves the entire aft deck available for seating and entertainment.  This new freedom of space also improves the feel of the interior, as one window faces the stern of the boat, with no doors or supports hindering the view behind.  An immediate concern is ease of entry which is solved by two doors on each side of the vessel, which not only allows easy access but also allows more light in contributing to the overall open feeling.

From Miami Boat Show Trip

The rest of the vessel shares similar characteristics and appears to be very thought out.  Depending on personal taste, some design elements might be too modern/simple (the galley comes to mind).  Per usual, there is almost no wasted space, but the nice surprise is it does not feel forced (i.e. random drawers and hatches).

Final Thoughts

Overall the Mochi Craft Long Range 23 is a great yacht.  The simple and elegant design has been well executed, and is worth a look even if you are a fan of the traditional / classic yacht design.  On top of a well thought out design, the hybrid propulsion system is a feat within itself and will hopefully generate some attention.