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2011-2012 Boat Show Line Up by admin

We know the summer is not over yet (and we plan to enjoy it quite a bit more), but we have started planning out 2011-2012 boat show circuit.  Whether you are a customer or a broker, there is a lot to be excited about (and to do!).  Customers, if you are thinking about going to a show, please let us know so we can get you some passes into the show.  Brokers, we'd love to get your boats looking great!

2011 Boat Shows and Events by admin

It may be cold in Michigan, but our schedule is certainly filling up quick for the remainder of the boat show season.  We will be at all of the following WARM events:

Boat Show Homework! #flibs by admin


So while we are at boat shows, we do more than checking out booth girls and attending swanky parties.  We stop at a lot of booths and ask the pros about any and all questions we might have. While we have done our homework on working on teak, it is always good to stop by and see the guys at Teak Decking Systems, as they are the industry standard (they do a lot of factory installs).  Who better to spend 30 minutes with asking questions about teak?

While a lot of boats we work on are not painted, we still have quite a few customers who have some Awlgrip paint on their hull or non-skid.

Boat shows also give us a great opportunity to get the heads up on new products, such as new anchor designs.

No boat show would be complete without a stop to the Navionics booth.  We got to play with their maps on the iPad, and talk to them about their expansion into the world of Android.

Have something you want us to check out for you at the next boat show?  Drop us a line at!

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - By the Numbers #flibs by admin


So here it goes, some numbers from the First Mate Yacht Care Crew from the Lauderdale show! 1 - Employee of the week, Pete Stover!

3 - As in, there was 3 billion dollars worth of yachts at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show this year.

5 - Average number of hours I slept this past week every night.

41 - Number of boats we took care of.

286 - Length of Cakewalk, the largest American built yacht which was at the show.

390 -  Linear feet of teak which we two stepped.  This number is an under estimation, it only includes boats with full length teak gunnels and teak flooring in the flybridge.  The 84' Lazzara we took care of is not included, because it *only* has teak on the transom and aft salon.

1774 - Number of feet of boat we took care of.

Photo of the Day! - The Crew Relaxing! #flibs by admin

You were probably expecting a photo of some amazing mega yacht or some beautiful booth girls, but here is something even more priceless: the crew relaxing by the pool!  These guys have been putting in 10 hour days for the past week to make all those boats as shiny as possible, way to go guys!  Now remember, we have 90 ft of boat to two step yet tonight, so don't get too much sun!

Photo of the Day - Stormy Skies and Empty Docks! #flibs by admin

You will not see this very often at the Fort Lauderdale Show!  A bunch of boats, empty docks, and stormy skies in the usual sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Sunday was a bit slow in terms of set up, but there were still plenty of fork lifts, booth construction, and boat washing going on!  A few more boats moved in today, and we expect the pace to only quicken from here.  It is truly amazing how much work gets done in such a short amount of time leading up to the start of the show.

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show Set Up - Photo of the Day #FLIBS by admin

Things are in full swing at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!  Above the M/Y Incentive is moved into its show position.  It was really impressive watching the coordination of multiple push/pull boats, captain, and various crew during docking.  On one side there is a yacht inches away, and on the other side is a vendor display tent.

Megayacht Octopus Attempting Northwest Passage by admin

Remember those stunning photos Trevor and Adam got of Octopus?

Turns out, that very same vessel which was enjoying Southern Florida is headed off to check out the Northwest Passage!

Megayachts are known to cruise the Bahamas, even Bermuda. But Baffin Island?

If you’ve never heard of the island, you’re probably not alone. Located in the Arctic Ocean in northern Canada, it’s pretty remote, not exactly on everyone’s must-cruise list. Be that as it may, Octopus was anchored there for a handful of days nearly two weeks ago. Why? The 414-foot Lürssen is preparing to transit the Northwest Passage.

The Northwest Passage is at once famous and infamous. Explorers dating as far back as the late 1400s had hoped to find a maritime route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the northern region of the world. The main goal was to find a shorter method of reaching the Orient. Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian who explored both the North and South Poles, became the first to cross it in the early 1900s. The waterway is notorious, however, because of the challenging-at-best conditions of its location: 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and about 1,200 miles from the North Pole. Even though the ice pack has receded in recent years, allowing more vessels to traverse it, the Northwest Passage is comprised of tricky channels and shoals.

First Mate Yacht Care Boat Show Calender! by admin

Just in case you need a detailer, want  free t-shirt, or want  a job, here is our tentative boat show schedule for the '10-'11 boat show season! Newport Boat Show - September 16-19, 2010

Cedar Point Boat Show (tentative) - September 15-19, 2010

Norwalk Boat Show - September 23-26, 2010

Passagemaker Baltimore Trawlerfest - September 14-26, 2010

United States Sailboat Show (Annapolis) - October 7-11, 2010

United State Powerboat Show (Annapolis) - October 14-17, 2010

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - October 28-November 1, 2010

Miami International Boat Show - February 17-21, 2011

Palm Beach International Boat Show - March 24-27, 2011

Michigan City Boat Show by admin

Just can't wait for the Annapolis Boat Show or the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to get your boat show season started? Then you are in luck! The Michigan City Boat Show is on tap this week starting on Thursday and going through Sunday. We will be there taking care of a few Edgewater Boats along with some new Formulas!

Fathom 40 @ Trawlerfest by Trevor

Fathom @ TrawlerfestOne of my favorites of the trawler class is the Fathom. For the size, (which doesn't allow for one of my favorite trawler features, a Portugese bow), it is a great looking boat, with modern lines, and lots of features. The general shape with smooth edges, a trim full walk around, and large top deck, appeals to me. Fathom was represented at Trawlerfest by Rick Garton of Harborview Yacht Sales, who like us, is a long way from home [full disclosure; we did work on the boat!]. Mr. Garton is familiar face if you have ever seen a Fathom at a show, as is Jim Favors, a very satisfied owner who loves showing his boat off at the show, and also spends quite a bit of time in the Great Lakes. Jim and his wife have their own blog, and book about cruising their Fathom throughout the Great Loop. But enough about the people, let's talk about the boat!

The 40 at the show was the version without the full flybridge, which has slightly cleaner, faster lines, while still putting a small helm up top.  The light gray color and bright white colors of the boat keep it looking crisp, unlike a few of the almond/ivory colored boats on the docks. I have only seen the grey and dark blue hulls, both of which are very appealing to me.  Both the lower saloon, and bridge have plenty of room for entertaining.  The master and guest staterooms have plenty of room for a boat of this size, and me being 6'2, I was surprised at the generous headroom. The engine room was especially suprising. Outside access, a storage area before getting into the engine room are great. Even with 400 gallons of tankage in there, the 425 Cummins QSB, and ( I believe the 9kw) Northern Lights gennie, there was plenty of room down below. Features that I was unable to experience, but have read rave reviews about in both Passagemaker (PDF LINK!) and Powercruising (PDF LINK!), are the electrical 'isolators' that automatically switches your power based on your needs. This means that you pull up to the dock and plug in- BAM! you are on shore power. Unplug, voila, you are switched to house power. Turn on the generator, etc. etc. I have been on boats much larger and 5x more expensive without this feature. The second commonly remarked detail about this boat is the quiet you have even while running full out, typically about 72dBa.

The specs of the boat show the light weight, and great efficiency. A 40 Sea Ray (just for comparison), with another engine, and much less interior space, pushes the scales at 22,000lbs, while the Fathom is only 24,000lbs. The burn is extremely low, with knots/gph rates being 9kn/3.1gph, 15kn/12.9gph, and 17knots burning only 1 gallon per mile (makes for easy math). Compare that burn to a 40 Nordhavn going 8kn @ 4gph! There is a difference in displacement here, but the Fathom's advantage is clear.

Take a look at our pictures and (amateur) video of the Fathom, and feel free to contact Harborview Yachts with any other questions. Also, if you missed them at Trawlerfest, be sure to catch them at the Miami NMMA show, slip 310.