Miami 2011

West Marine Green Product Event! #MIBS by admin

From MIBS Press

The West Marine green product of the year is ... the Black Tip Catch and Release Recompression Tool. It's designer Ace Calloway is a charter captain in Alaska. He created the recompression tool in order to allow fish to return to their native waters, rather than catching them and forcing decompression so the fish cannot return home. Chuck Hawley, VP of product information, shared that Calloway had perfected the device through much trial and error.

This is the second year running that West Marine is presenting the Green Product of the Year Award. West Marine's requirements for the innovative product of the year follow: is the product innovative; does the product have a widespread application; does the product have a gotta-have-it feel. A panel of experts in all areas of the field scour the market to find the most innovative product. They narrow the field to 4-5 products and from there they test all the products to determine which is worthy of their award of $10,000.

The High Rev Revolution! by admin


There are new products, and then there are NEW PRODUCTS! Seven Marine had a "high powered" press conference this morning. Rick Davis (Seven Marine President) was on hand with a whole host of other companies (ie. ZF marine) to debut their 557 HP outboard engine at the Miami Boat Show. Rather than wade through all the technical jargon, lets look at the highlights.

  • 557 HP 6.2 supercharged all aluminum fuel injected GM small block V-8.
  • 60% more power than next most powerful outboard on the market.
  • World's first production outboard joystick control.
  • Twin pinion gearcase with thru-hub exhaust.

ZF was a major partner because not just any run of the mill transmission will do to transfer all that power to where it counts.  ZF specially designed a computer controlled electronic disc clutch transmission (which also allows for slow trolling speeds).

As if that were not enough, if you aren't happy having the stock all black engine covers, for some extra dough you can have you engines custom painted straight from the factory to matching you probably already highly customized boat.

We look forward to getting some pricing and seeing these on the next generation of off-shore fishing boats!


UPDATE: has an update on some of their plans from all the feedback they received at Miami!

Live From the Scout Booth! @MiamiBoatShow #MIBS by admin


It seems just like yesterday Scout was introducing a lot of new boats, including the 34' center counsel (which they have a great looking maroon hull with teak deck at the show). Mr. Steve Potts (President of Scout Boats) just introduced Scout's 251 XC, "the industry's first crossover fishing boat." This boat certainly packs a lot of features in a small boat. We will be updating as we get more details so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy this concept sketch we found on Scout's Facebook page!

Updated with a picture!

Live From the Pursuit Booth! @MiamiBoatShow #MIBS by admin

Pursuit, a sister brand of Tiara, is having an event of their own this morning at the Miami Convention Center. We are on the ground and are pleased to let you know Pursuit has just introduced their new ST 310 Sport along with a new inshore series of boats ranging from 18'-23'. They are currently talking about the state of the business and we will have more details (and real pictures) for you soon!

Here is the official verbage:

The all new Pursuit ST Series was specifically designed to deliver more comfort and utility to Pursuit's legendary center console platform. Nothing can compare to the plush wrap-around lounge in the bow, luxurious helm/companion seats for three at the console and in the cockpit, forward and aft facing bench seating offering a comfortable location for all. Yacht caliber features throughout including new innovative head access, equipment storage and optional towing package let this series stand alone as a premium inshore/offshore vessel and tender.

Live From The Tiara Booth! @MiamiBoatShow #mibs by admin


The Miami Boat Show is in full swing with a whole slew of announcements going on today. The only thing better than warm weather and a boat show, is warm weather, a boat show, and an announcement of a new model from a fellow Michigan business!

Tiara just formally announced their new 31' Coronet Dayboat. Stay tuned for more updates while we listen to the rest of the announcement!

Live From the PowerCat Group! @MiamiBoatShow #MIBS by admin

The Miami Boat Show just started, and there is already a few press conferences going on. I'm currently at the PowerCat Group (World Cat, Glacier Bay, Livingston and Caralina Cat) and they are currently discussing their business strategy (probably a common theme today!).

They just introduced the Carolina Cat line and are debuting the Carolina Cat 18 (which looks REALLY clean, they must have a good detailer). Pictures and more specific details on their way! We must admit, we love their model selection for the press shots! (Update) It sounds like they are really targeting first time boat buyers with this boat. Without power you are looking at around $22k, with power and a few options around $31k.

Update: Pictures!

From MIBS Press

The PowerCat Group is planning is planning on trying to dominate the catamaran group. There is a "fragmented market", and no one company has a huge market share. So the focus of the PowerCat Group wants to differentiate their product and pick up some market share. Their strategy is based on one thing, if 95% of fishermen do not buy a catamaran, 5% will. Great plan, but will they really capture 5%? PowerCat has scooped up Glacier Bay, World Cat, and Livingston through different opportunities be in economic crisis or natural disaster. They are hoping to get boaters young and keep them in one of their brands. Best of luck guys!

Live From The Miami Boat Show! by admin

Just can not wait to get into the Miami Boat Show?! Well here is a sneak peek! Not quite as glamorous as you envisioned it?  Just wait a few days.  With some elbow grease and boat show magic it will become your boating mecca. My personal favorite photo is the wrap on the Contender. Leave your comments on your favorite pictures!