Live From The Miami Boat Show! by admin

Just can not wait to get into the Miami Boat Show?! Well here is a sneak peek! Not quite as glamorous as you envisioned it?  Just wait a few days.  With some elbow grease and boat show magic it will become your boating mecca. My personal favorite photo is the wrap on the Contender. Leave your comments on your favorite pictures!

Scout Introduces New Products by admin

From MIBS 2010

Scout started off the Miami Boat Show by introducing 5 of their 9 new models. The main focus was on their new 34' center counsel.

From MIBS 2010

In short the highlights include:

- A well thought out transom, with "fly by wire" steering, so no need for cumbersome and space consuming steering mechanisms. Allows easy access to and from port and startboard.

- A power t-top which slides back to provide additional shade. Multiple safeguards have been put in place to prevent accidental activation while rods are in the way.

- A roomy cabin with a fair amount of headroom. We could stand up without feeling like we are going to hit our head on everything.

From MIBS 2010

- LED lights (minimize energy use) built into the hull.

Overall Scout has created a great boat which will be great for fishing, which can also multi task for family outings.

Boat Show Set-up by admin

Looking at the Miami Beach Convention Center in the main hall, it is hard to believe in less than 5 days it will be transformed into a highly polished and great looking boat show. There are crates, tape, travel lifts, and fork lifts everywhere.

From FMYC Florida Excursion

The outside booth exhibitor tent currently sits completely empty along with the parking lot! It will be a busy couple of days for exhibitors (and their detailers!) leading up to the show.

From FMYC Florida Excursion

We did happen to see Scout's new 34' boat waiting to be taken inside while we were there. They are hosting a press event on Thursday for their official announcement.

From FMYC Florida Excursion