Boat Show Homework! #flibs by admin


So while we are at boat shows, we do more than checking out booth girls and attending swanky parties.  We stop at a lot of booths and ask the pros about any and all questions we might have. While we have done our homework on working on teak, it is always good to stop by and see the guys at Teak Decking Systems, as they are the industry standard (they do a lot of factory installs).  Who better to spend 30 minutes with asking questions about teak?

While a lot of boats we work on are not painted, we still have quite a few customers who have some Awlgrip paint on their hull or non-skid.

Boat shows also give us a great opportunity to get the heads up on new products, such as new anchor designs.

No boat show would be complete without a stop to the Navionics booth.  We got to play with their maps on the iPad, and talk to them about their expansion into the world of Android.

Have something you want us to check out for you at the next boat show?  Drop us a line at!

Can You Measure Shine? by admin

Apparently you can measure how much shine you have, as the fine folks at AwlGrip show us in this graph.

They are showing the difference between simply just washing a boat with an AwlGrip finish and one that gets the full AwlCare treatment. No surprises here, using a polymer sealer like AwlCare gives you more shine than not waxing!

Application of AwlCare can improve topcoat gloss retention by up to 12% even in the most arduous conditions.

We should have a category named "...And Fish Swim" to file this one under.