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If you like, You Might Like These by Trevor

We are pretty good, but we know that we cannot cover ALL the news in the exciting yachting and boating world. We try though! Take a look at some of these other sites to keep informed on some different aspects of the marine world: LASER Advertising LASER Advertising takes care of promotional materials for luxury destinations and brokerages, but also for individual megayachts for sale or charter. Their site and blog(s) are full of industry happenings and amazing pictures and videos. It is often difficult to get an idea of a what a megayacht looks like inside (especially when they won't let you up the passerelle!), but Laser has full video tours of many of the boats they have made materials for.

Woody Boater is focused on the smaller, vintage.....wooden boats! This site is the most popular I know of in its niche, and has hilarious posts as well as amazing media to go with it. For the guys out there, they always have "Woody Boater Babes", and right now "Woodies for Boobies" to support breast cancer awareness. The gentleman who runs it is in advertising himself, so he knows how to write some copy. Definitely worth checking for the beautiful boats. Makes me want a Sea Skiff! If you are trying to learn your classic boats, to tell a Centrury from a Chris from a Truscott from a Greavette from a Hacker,  start here.



Scuttlefish is run by Brian Lam, who has a strong pedidgree building, a technology blog. Scuttlefish has lots of science posts, about new finds, records being broken, and a 'little' technology. Also, there is plenty of maritime art, and great pictures of exotic destinations in their "Wish you were here" posts. Amazing and obscure oceanic historical finds are "Salty Stories", "Sea Monster Monday" and "Water Wench Wednesdays are great too! More Ocean/nature than strictly boating, but still great.


The Great Lakes Cruising Club

This site is likely only of interest to our Northern readers, but the GLCC is a strong organziation with quite a few events every season. Joining the GLCC is a way to make friends when you boat, and the GLCC 'chain' burgee is displayed proudly in ports all over. The member directory and designated "Port Captains" will make sure you feel welcome. In any case, look to them for interesting Great Lakes boating news, or for up to date port information. Blog

This is the most 'technical' site I will recommend. Plenty of new boat reviews and manufacturer updates. Also, they are not afraid to write articles such as Marine Wire Markings Deciphered" and "All About Anodes". Definitely worth checking out with frequent posts. Also, this site is more focused on the 25-55ft range.


Well, that is all the recommendations I have for now, I left out quite a few because of such infrequent updating I didn't want to frustrate anyone. If you think I missed something, let me know in the comments!