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2011-2012 Boat Show Line Up by admin

We know the summer is not over yet (and we plan to enjoy it quite a bit more), but we have started planning out 2011-2012 boat show circuit.  Whether you are a customer or a broker, there is a lot to be excited about (and to do!).  Customers, if you are thinking about going to a show, please let us know so we can get you some passes into the show.  Brokers, we'd love to get your boats looking great!

Parks Bonifay Edition MasterCraft X-Star by Trevor

The "Parks" Edition is the only boat truly befitting of the rockstar/pro-wakeboarder image. This boat is big, powerful, comfortable, and has more "flair" than a Chotchkie's Waitress.  Kid Rock wants to hit some double-ups and you want to make a good impression? This is what you need.

The boat has very cool black graphics (white is available) with orange accents, and there is no doubt the stature of your PARKS edition will be recognized immediately by all on the water. The design in the carpets, the premium seats, and all the finishes in the boat really makes it feel like a step above and very durable.

The boat is powered by an Ilmor engine, a recent partnership that will differentiate MasterCraft from other tow boats around. Ilmor has a very illustrious heritage of building engines, and not only will this give a lot of  credibility for the casual buyer to see big name, as well as a motor that parts and service are easy to find.

Other key features include the B.I.G. dashboard computer, giving you plenty of information on your tunes, ballast, engine and environment. The video camera built into the tower ensures you are always on film. Also, buying the boat comes with a free day on the water with Parks, as well as Ronix wakeboard, and either tour of Ronix or MasterCraft factory.  All in all, it is a pretty good deal.

Surprisingly, MasterCraft doesn't have too much available online for this boat spec-wise, but we put everything we could find under the video.

The worlds best wakeboarders train and compete behind the worlds best wakeboard boat, the MasterCraft X-Star. In fact, the X-Star is the only boat used by the Pro Wakeboard Tour! For 2011 MasterCraft has unveiled the all new Parks Bonifay Edition X-Star. Built on the proven MasterCraft AP-1 hull design this boat is set to pull you to your all time personal best right out of the box! The 2011 MasterCraft Parks Edition X-Star comes equipped with the following

1. Parks Edition Custom Wrap in your choice of White or Black 2. Custom Parks Edition Snap Out Carpet 3. Custom Parks Edition Steering Wheel Center Cap 4. Powder Coated Tower to Match Wrap 5. Fiberglass Swim Platform with Parks Edition Platform Pad 6. Parks Edition Speakers and Grills 7. Parks Edition Interior 8. ZFT5 Power Tower or ZFT3 Tower Available 9. 6.0, 6.2 or Supercharged LSA Engine

Each Parks Edition X-Star comes loaded with a complete Parks Bonifay set up from Ronix Wakeboards including

1. Ibex-ATR Edition Parks Wakeboard 2. Relik Wakeboard Boots 3. Koal Black Wake Surfboard 4. R8-80 Parks Edition Wakeboard Rope 5. Parks Edition Volt Wakeboard Handle

These boats are limited edition and custom built to order. Midwest MasterCraft is now accepting orders for the all new 2011 Parks Bonifay Edition MasterCraft X-Star!

Length: 22' 3''
Length with platform: 24' 5"
Width amidship: 100"
Length with trailer: 25' 5"
Length with sa tongue: 24'
Length trailer single axle: n/a
Length trailer tandem axle: n/a
Weight: 4,250 lbs.
Single axle trailer weight: n/a
Tandem axle trailer weight: 1,240 lbs.
Fuel capacity: 53 Gallons
Depth transom: 28"
Depth amidship: 32"
Draft: 28"
Tow bar height to waterline: n/a
Capacity: 12 Persons or 1,770 lbs.
Model name length: 22'
Boat height: 107" *

Chicago Boat Show: Affordability Pavilion by Trevor

The NMMA, in an effort to respond to the recession, has run an "Affordability Pavilion" at all of their shows this season. This is an area set aside, not grouped by brand, but by price point. These boats are all attainable for a monthly payment of $250 or less (with some money down). I thin k it is a great idea to have a few boats that may have one or two salesmen wandering around, but a lower pressure atmosphere than the typical booth. Also, it is much easier to compare boats against each other when they are station 4ft from each other, and all the pricing/financing options have been outlined. Hop in one, hop in the other, see what fits.

Some may say "How much boat can you buy for $250 a month?" Well, most boats were under 20 feet, a few in the mid 20's, but plenty of smaller fishing boats, bass boats, a pontoon, typical sport boats, a large (dual engine) jet boat, a bit of variety. I was surprised to hear the wide audience this booth is projected to appeal to:

According to the NMMA, while recreational boating in the U.S. is perceived to be an activity for the affluent, the vast majority of boaters are middle class. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s 2008 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, approximately 75 percent of boat owners have a household income under $100,000, and an estimated 95 percent of boats on the water today are trailerable boats that are 26 feet or less.


We see many attempts to make the boat affordable, and this reminds me of Sea Ray and Costco's partnership. It is important that manufacturers keep up quality, otherwise it becomes a race to the bottom-- stripping quality and features from their boats to make the product cheaper than the next guy, who has to be more drastic to keep up.

2011 Boat Shows and Events by admin

It may be cold in Michigan, but our schedule is certainly filling up quick for the remainder of the boat show season.  We will be at all of the following WARM events: