"Rockin it" at the Formula Booth by Trevor

Candace Boss of Dry Harbour tells us about how much traffic Formula has received at the show! They had half their booth filled with people willing to wait in line! Looked like a rollercoaster line! With 8 boats at the show, Formula had one of the largest single manufacturer footprints. Also, the 45 was in the top 3 largest boats at the show. Certainly, not every one waiting in line was...qualified, but it is still a great sign.

Dry Harbour is also an Avalon Pontoon dealer, and Candace tells me if you look at their catalog/ booth promo videos, there are a few videos of her complementing the boats nicely. Candace Boss; booth girl, boat model, broker extraordinaire. We think she has a pretty good mentor:

(put your caption ideas in the comments)

Michigan City Boat Show by admin

Just can't wait for the Annapolis Boat Show or the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to get your boat show season started? Then you are in luck! The Michigan City Boat Show is on tap this week starting on Thursday and going through Sunday. We will be there taking care of a few Edgewater Boats along with some new Formulas!