Navionics on Android! by admin

While having Navionics on your iPhone or iPad is certainly appealing to many AT&T customers, what about the rest of us?! Navionics is rolling out their marine app to the Android platform!

Ideal for boaters, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts of all kinds. Track your navigation while on the water, capture geotagged pictures, and create a virtual travelogue to share with friends via email or facebook. The most comprehensive features available in version 3.2:

  • Record/Save tracks, routes
  • Capture geo-tagged pictures of your adventures
  • Access the largest database of specialty marine POIs available
  • Search marinas and specialty marine POI, with just one click to call
  • Check tides & currents, moon phase, sun/moon rise/set

Given the variety of devices out there for Android right now, on each of the big 4 carriers, this could be the compelling reason to go jump on board with Android. The EVO (just realized on Sprint) is a solid piece of amazing hardware supporting a 4.3" screen and could be perfect for those day trips.  There looks to be a lot of different hardware options in the pipeline too, including a new revamped version of The Droid on the Verizon network.

Now if someone would just make a bluetooth depth finder to pair with a phone (seriously)!  Not only could you make your smartphone of choice all the more like a Swiss Army knife, but I'm sure with enough aggregated data someone could provide better and more detailed charts.  High traffic areas would have almost real-time water depths.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, and iPhone remotes are quite common on superyachts for media and lighting controls. The next step may be an NMEA2000 bridge that would display relevant mechanical data on your device.

How many electronics do you need? by admin

How many different screens do you look at during the course of a normal day? How many do you have on your boat (and know what they all do!)?

Multi use devices, such as the iPad, have been finding new and better uses given more and more specialized apps. Navionics Charts has been out for the iPhone, and is now out for the iPad (the larger screen real estate is really a selling point for charts for me). Add in a data plan, and matching cords for your stereo, and you have weather, charts, quasi-GPS, and music all on one device (and easy to use!). If you do not need a dedicated display for everything, this is a great way to have one less screen to fit in the dash and taking up space. For $499 it is a great multi-use electronic gadget to have, and considering it can be used off the boat, it might be worth taking the plunge if you were already sitting on the fence.

The Navionics apps (there are 29 to choose from) will run you about $19.99 and you can choose marine charts from around the world and lake maps of the United States and Canada. You can build routes, set waypoints, and share them on Facebook or see them on Google Earth. In addition, you'll get tide and current data as well as moon-phase information. If you have a Wi-Fi-model iPad, you can also get your GPS position.

(HT:Power & Motoryacht)