July 4th - A Great Day to Fly the Navy Jack! by admin

While July 4th is certainly a great day to sit back, go for a cruise, BBQ, have a few cold ones, and enjoy some fireworks, it is always worth remembering what it is we are celebrating: Liberty. While the 'stars and stripes' is the popular choice, a more nautical approach would be the Navy Jack flag. Navy Jack

Here is a brief history:

In the fall of 1775, as the first ships of the Continental Navy readied in the Delaware River, Commodore Esek Hopkins issued a set of fleet signals. Among these signals was an instruction directing his vessels to fly a striped Jack and Ensign at their proper places. The custom of the jack-type flag had originated with the Royal Navy in the 15th century or earlier; such was the likely source of Hopkins' inspiration. This first U.S. Navy Jack has traditionally been shown as consisting of 13 horizontal alternating red and white stripes with a superimposed rattlesnake and the motto "Don't Tread on Me." The rattlesnake had long been a symbol of resistance to British repressive acts in Colonial America; its display on the new jack of the fledging Continental Navy fit naturally with the fervor of the times.

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