Helping out with MJM at the Chicago Show by Trevor

Dave with the MJM crew

To further round out the First Mate repertoire, I think this is the second or third time we have loaned some help for booths at shows. When you get FMYC Booth help, you get someone who has learned your boat. By learned, I mean memorized every piece of information we can find on it from every source available. Tankage, power options (pricing (if you acceptable), measurements, features, and differentiating characteristics means YOU can take a day off answering those same 3 questions that EVERYONE asks! Booth Help is available, either male or female, and can range from basic crowd control ('line starts here', 'shoes off', 'you may board now') to the more advanced ("2 or 3 lumps with your coffee?"), or, the meticulous, simply staying on the boat acting as security/detailing on demand, making sure every fingerprint has a short lifespan, and ensuring no 'presents' in the heads. If you would like us to put you in contact with previous customers of this service, those references are available.

Dave Buitendorp spent a day with (L to R) Mr. Mark Lindsay, Mr. Scott Smith, and Mr. Bob Johnstone of MJM Yachts at the Chicago show.