The High Rev Revolution! by admin


There are new products, and then there are NEW PRODUCTS! Seven Marine had a "high powered" press conference this morning. Rick Davis (Seven Marine President) was on hand with a whole host of other companies (ie. ZF marine) to debut their 557 HP outboard engine at the Miami Boat Show. Rather than wade through all the technical jargon, lets look at the highlights.

  • 557 HP 6.2 supercharged all aluminum fuel injected GM small block V-8.
  • 60% more power than next most powerful outboard on the market.
  • World's first production outboard joystick control.
  • Twin pinion gearcase with thru-hub exhaust.

ZF was a major partner because not just any run of the mill transmission will do to transfer all that power to where it counts.  ZF specially designed a computer controlled electronic disc clutch transmission (which also allows for slow trolling speeds).

As if that were not enough, if you aren't happy having the stock all black engine covers, for some extra dough you can have you engines custom painted straight from the factory to matching you probably already highly customized boat.

We look forward to getting some pricing and seeing these on the next generation of off-shore fishing boats!


UPDATE: Boats.com has an update on some of their plans from all the feedback they received at Miami!