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Photo of the Day! - The Crew Relaxing! #flibs by admin

You were probably expecting a photo of some amazing mega yacht or some beautiful booth girls, but here is something even more priceless: the crew relaxing by the pool!  These guys have been putting in 10 hour days for the past week to make all those boats as shiny as possible, way to go guys!  Now remember, we have 90 ft of boat to two step yet tonight, so don't get too much sun!

Photo of the Day - Stormy Skies and Empty Docks! #flibs by admin

You will not see this very often at the Fort Lauderdale Show!  A bunch of boats, empty docks, and stormy skies in the usual sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Sunday was a bit slow in terms of set up, but there were still plenty of fork lifts, booth construction, and boat washing going on!  A few more boats moved in today, and we expect the pace to only quicken from here.  It is truly amazing how much work gets done in such a short amount of time leading up to the start of the show.