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Controlled Chaos - Breaking Down a Boat Show by admin

Our work is done before the first person is let in the gates on the last day of a boat show, but that does not mean the work is over for Show Management or any of the captains, far from it.  The event that was months in the planning, weeks in building, is torn down in a matter of days if not hours.  It really is impressive to see boat after boat after boat after boat pull away from the docks like meat from the bone of a perfectly cooked rib.  However, there are some days when the well oiled machine breaks down, and the end of the Palm Beach show happened to be that day.  Check out the video!  

Live From #PBIBS - Palm Beach Boat Show Facts by admin

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palm beach Skip Zimbalist was doing what he does best this morning, letting the world know how awesome boat shows are, specifically the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

  • 12.5% of the exhibitors are from outside the US.
  • 50 boats over the length of 80'
  • 25 boats over the length of 100'
  • 400+ in the water!
  • Palm Beach is in the top 10 shows based on attendance.
  • 50,000+ visit the Palm Beach Boat Show
  • It is the 5th largest show in the US based on square feet.
  • More food and beverages are served per person than any other boat show Show Management puts on.

Skip thinks Palm Beach is a great venue for a boat show for 3 reasons:

  1. Setting - It is very beautiful, enough said.
  2. Audience - Lots of qualified buyers in the Palm Beach Area.
  3. Exhibitors - Lots of great boats and knowledgeable staff.

We tend to agree about the Palm Beach setting.  He forgot to mention all the good looking boat washing girls!  All of the boats are in one location, less traffic than Miami, and less walking than Lauderdale!  We do love all the other shows for different reasons, but Palm Beach is a nice way to cap off the winter boat show season for us.


Live from #PBIBS - Active Interest Media Relaunches by admin

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From L to R: Skip Zimbalist, Mike Dickman This morning we heard from Mike Dickman (GM of and Skip Zimbalist (CEO of Show Management) about the just relaunched  In January of this year Active Interest Media purchased BoatQuest to complement their other marine services like Show Management and Yachts International Magazine.

Founded in 1999, already attracts close to 400,000 monthly visitors.  The site has been redesigned to make it easier for visitors to search and find the boats they are looking for and will debut at the Palm Beach International Boat Show on March 24.

"By combining online media with major boat shows and a traditional yachting magazine, our goal is to provide a new level of cross-promotion, previously unavailable in the industry, for boat sellers and buyers to connect with one another," said Mike Dickman, general manager of "The strategic relationship among, Yachts Magazine and Show Management leverages the reach of three leading boating industry marketing companies in reaching boat buyers."

In addition to standard classified listings, offers yacht brokers and dealers a variety of featured ads, as well as banner advertising. Special pricing is available on some services for Show Management boat show exhibitors and Yachts Magazine advertisers. For sale by owner listings are limited to boats under 35 feet.

The purpose of the 35' cut off for FSBO listings according to Mr. Dickman is to limit the competition to brokers in larger boat categories and draw in more brokers to the site who are willing to pay for services.

The very interesting part of this move is it addresses several of our complaints that we level here, and here.  This should in theory at least make any particular boat show website a seamless experience for the end user who is planning on coming to a boat show to get as much information as possible, provided a dealer/broker uses BoatQuest.

The big question mark in all of this is how quickly adoption of a new platform can or will take place.  There are many brokers in the industry who still are not fully using the web, or who are set in their ways with YachtWorld.  Providing the makeover addresses many of these issues, a switch from Yacht World, or duplicate listing, could make a lot of sense.

Strength is the key to victory in this game.  With a small pool of listings YachtWorld offers a better selection when searching, but considering how much money and time brokers/dealers put into boat shows, it seems like an easy sell to fully integrate all of their services into one easy to use resource.

The real winner in all of this is the end consumer AND brokers.  Both will get better tools and more fully integrated solutions.  We are looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out for the Fort Lauderdale show next year!