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Live From #PBIBS - Palm Beach Boat Show Facts by admin

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palm beach Skip Zimbalist was doing what he does best this morning, letting the world know how awesome boat shows are, specifically the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

  • 12.5% of the exhibitors are from outside the US.
  • 50 boats over the length of 80'
  • 25 boats over the length of 100'
  • 400+ in the water!
  • Palm Beach is in the top 10 shows based on attendance.
  • 50,000+ visit the Palm Beach Boat Show
  • It is the 5th largest show in the US based on square feet.
  • More food and beverages are served per person than any other boat show Show Management puts on.

Skip thinks Palm Beach is a great venue for a boat show for 3 reasons:

  1. Setting - It is very beautiful, enough said.
  2. Audience - Lots of qualified buyers in the Palm Beach Area.
  3. Exhibitors - Lots of great boats and knowledgeable staff.

We tend to agree about the Palm Beach setting.  He forgot to mention all the good looking boat washing girls!  All of the boats are in one location, less traffic than Miami, and less walking than Lauderdale!  We do love all the other shows for different reasons, but Palm Beach is a nice way to cap off the winter boat show season for us.