the knot

Ice Festival Kickoff! by Trevor

There are chain saws whirring in downtown Bay Harbor! We only got a few pictures of the sponsor wall and some of the smaller works, but the pro-carvers were stacking their blocks and getting ready to cut in on some of the larger works. The fish pictured is a medium sized work,  and we are told it will be surrounded by some other aquatic life. There is also a massive indian head, and something that look like a spread winged creature, or the spirit of ecstasy.

But what is that good looking larger brick on the North side of the sponsor wall? Could it be...

Also, the Cava "Chill Lounge" is set up, but don't worry, they have the fireplace going round the clock. If you are around, be sure to stop by the Inn at Bay Harbor to try our (soon to be world famous) chili!