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Buyer's Guide: Nozzles by admin

Nozzle #4

It is almost hard to believe I am writing this post, but there are a lot of options out there! I was organizing some of our gear today and came across a few nozzles which have earned themselves a permanent home in the bottom of a bucket. For something which only has a few moving parts, there are a lot of design features to consider. We will start with our least favorite and work towards our nozzle of choice.

Nozzle #1 Pros: Comfortable rubberized grip Cons: The tip of the nozzle is metal. The best way to keep a metal nozzle from banging into your boat and/or scratching it? Do not let it on the boat to begin with. Grade: D+ By definition it is a nozzle, but only to be used on non-paying customers.

Nozzle #2 Pros: All plastic construction with a soft rubber grip. Cons: Multi-flow head limits variability of flow on the go. Grade: C Less likely to cause damage than nozzle #1, but limited flexibility while in use can be frustrating.

Nozzle #3 Pros: Soft rubberized grip with classic single flow option. Cons: Extra stream setting on tip of nozzle requires fidgeting with, and threaded adjustment knob on rear of handle is prone to fall off. Grade: B- Unlikely to cause damage, single flow option surprisingly gives more flexibility in flow options. Using a lighter to melt rear adjustment knob is always an option.

Nozzle #4

Pros: Non-adjustable rear adjustment knob is not threaded, no piece to lose! Hinge mechanism is plastic, not metal, and as a result will not rust. Cons: Hard rubber handle. Grade: A- Hey, no nozzle is perfect! Get this to me in a soft plastic model and we can talk about that A. To be honest, the material choice is a very minor issue. No pieces to lose and rust is a huge plus. This nozzle can be found for $5 at your local marine store, and oddly enough is the cheapest of all your options! Now if they could just trap the rubber washer in there permanently...

West Marine Green Product Event! #MIBS by admin

From MIBS Press

The West Marine green product of the year is ... the Black Tip Catch and Release Recompression Tool. It's designer Ace Calloway is a charter captain in Alaska. He created the recompression tool in order to allow fish to return to their native waters, rather than catching them and forcing decompression so the fish cannot return home. Chuck Hawley, VP of product information, shared that Calloway had perfected the device through much trial and error.

This is the second year running that West Marine is presenting the Green Product of the Year Award. West Marine's requirements for the innovative product of the year follow: is the product innovative; does the product have a widespread application; does the product have a gotta-have-it feel. A panel of experts in all areas of the field scour the market to find the most innovative product. They narrow the field to 4-5 products and from there they test all the products to determine which is worthy of their award of $10,000.

Black Friday Deals by admin

Even if you were not planning on heading to West Marine to do your Christmas shopping, you can still swing by there (or shop their online store!) to pick up a few items for next spring.  With the code "BIG10" you can get 10% this weekend with flat rate shipping of $4.95.  Shop Shurhold's website, and get a free bottle of boat soap with $50 purchase or 10% off with a $100 purchase.

Have a boating deal we are missing, just send us an email at info@FirstMateYachtCare.com!

Nautical Gift Ideas by admin


In what we hope to be a regular installment until Christmas, we will be posting what we think would be a great gifts for any boater this holiday season.

West Marine is currently selling this Lewmar Delta anchor bottle opener!  For $20 this is a great stocking stuffer, and it may not hurt to pick one of these up before you head out to one of those many holiday parties.