Buffing Paint? by Trevor

Castlefinn Starboard upper

In Michigan, 4/5 boats are gelcoat, and it is a fact that they will have a date with buffer coming up in the next year or so, whether a rough one, of just a smooth kiss and a light polish, something is coming. Having a coat of paint, especially a hard paint such as Awl-Grip, will keep the shine and protect the boat longer. However, even the toughest paint will get abused, especially in the hot sun and salt of the tropics. Buffing on paint requires slightly different techniques and slightly different products, but the science and the idea is the same. We are polishing the surface, and removing all surface contaminants. We are not grinding through the paint, or removing any of the surface. Just polishing. CASTLEFINN is a 112' Westport we did for the Westport display at the Palm Beach Show.  

Take a look between Jeff (Left) and Aidan (Right). Aidan's shadow is much more clear than Jeff's. That will give you an idea of how much more shine we had after buffing by Aidan.

Superstar buffer Aidan! If you look in the window, you can see the reflection of PRIVACY, as the job was done at Old Port Cove, Privacy's home port.

Live From Miami - #MYBS Photo Album! by admin

A few pictures of the convention center not enough? Well here are a few pictures from the Miami Yacht Brokerage Show! We have it all in our preview photos! Big boats, hanging hullside washers, bikini boat washers, teak sanding, big boats being moved into position, and of course the First Mate Crew! Enjoy!

From the Creator of Bay Harbor by admin


Every time Dave Johnson decides to do something, it feels like the deep voice guy from the movie trailers should be there to introduce him.  "From the creator who brought you Bay Harbor, and Oil Nut Bay, now brings you Yacht Club Coasta Smeralda in the BVIs!" Mr. Johnson (along with his partners) hosted a press event aboard Mr. Johnson's 130' Westport, Resolute at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

You can find more details here, but one thing is clear, no expense was spared.  From searching the globe for the perfect location, to completely changing the building site the day before construction was set to begin, to analyzing every square inch of the design plans repeatedly, it is clear Mr. Johnson has not only set out to build his dream, but executed it flawlessly.

There were a few Bay Harbor faces in the crowd, and it would probably be a safe bet to say at least a few folks from Bay Harbor will be spending a fair amount of time down in Oil Nut Bay and at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.