Welcome attendees of  the 2011 Nordic Tug Rendezvous!  We hope you found our talk informative, and just in case you missed anything we said we have put some resources on here for you.  

Some of our product recommendations:

Orpine Wash and Wax Boat Soap - 1 Quart $19.99 at West Marine

Invisible Glass - Window and electronics cleaner.  $3.50 at Wal-Mart.

Meguiar's Flagship Marine Wax.  $37.99 at West Marine for 1 qt.  Order online on Amazon for $25.

Fantastic - $2 at stores like Walmart and Home Depot.  Mild surface cleaner for vinyl.

Go-Jo (or Fast Orange) Pumice cleaner.  Great with a stiff bristle brush on vinyl and dinghies.


Wax vs. Sealants (the best answer we could find):

Polymer sealant- comprises an open linked molecule; these open linked polymer molecules join together to create an elongated mesh like effect that reflects light efficiently due to their inherent flat surface. Because they are usually very transparent they transmit the surface colour faithfully, but they have very little depth resulting in what is perceived as a very bright, flat silver glow. Initially polymers attach to the paint surface by surface tension, after they have cross-linked the polymers and paint molecules form a cationic bond.

Carnauba wax- molecules are closed linked, which means that they only butt up together to protect the surface. These wax molecules form an egg-grate type (with the long axis vertical) mesh over the smaller paint molecules of the paint film surface, which gives it an optical depth. Initially a Carnauba wax attaches itself by surface tension; during the curing process the carrier system (solvents / oils) attach themselves to the porous microscopic caps in the paint surface forming a physical anchor.


Polishing Video: