First Mate Yacht Care is excited to offer paid internships for the summer of 2017! All students currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies are eligible. Preference is given to students with relevant work history and current employees.

In addition to working daily on various boat projects, interns will meet every other week to receive instruction, training, and discussion on a wide range of topics related to running a small business. Interns will then be asked to perform specific duties related to these topics throughout the summer.

The overriding goal of the internship program is to provide interns with hands on experience which is applicable in any professional setting. In addition to formal instruction and hands on tasks, interns will also be placed in leadership roles within the company when appropriate while performing their day to day duties.

To get a flavor of what past interns have done, check out their blog here. In the past interns have developed branded products and created new companies. 

You can access an application - HERE! 

Below is a list of proposed topics for the 2017 FMYC Intern Program:

Topic 1: Human Resources: People, Planning, and Paperwork

Topic 2: Value of Social Media: Implementation and Content

Topic 3: Customers: Relationship Building

Topic 4: Invoices: Sending an Accurate Bill

Topic 5: Project Management: Scheduling and Job Completion

Topic 6: FIRES!: Unique Problems and Unique Solutions

Application Process:

1. Submit requested information and answers.

2. Complete interview with human resources manager with First Mate Yacht Care.

3. If selected, be the world’s best intern!

The selection process for internships is on a rolling schedule with no hard deadline. However,  once qualified applicants have been accepted, the application process will be closed until the following season. For the 2017 summer season, there will be 2-4 internships available dependent upon the quality of applications.