A Trip to Ann Arbor / by Lewis Butler


Note: We have an awesome team of interns lined up for this summer. They will be sharing their experiences here on the blog "Team Intern" throughout the summer as they take on different projects and gain hands on experience.

And the internship begins!

Today's trip into Ann Arbor left us eager for the summer up north to arrive. We went to Underground Printing to help choose this year's uniforms. There are a lot more variables to consider than we previously would have thought. There are so many colors, styles, and qualities to consider, and it is easy to forget how quickly an extra two dollars for a shirt will add up when you are ordering for 30+ people! We met with Danny and chose our favorite options, now we are just waiting to see the mock-ups and pricing before making any decisions.

It's a really exciting experience to be a part of the business decision making. We made sure to take into consideration that all the little details add up to the bigger picture and can make a huge difference in the overall image of the company.  Our Ann Arbor outing has made us even more excited for the internship--and the good lunch and cookies added to the excitement!

-Paige and Emma