Marketing Email / by Morgan Mooradian

Look out Michigan, FMYC is here and ready to clean your boat! Our awesome Spring email is out updating our Michigan customers and introducing them to our new operating system, new logo, awesome team of interns, and new website! 

Our goal for this email was to inform you all about the new improvements FMYC has made. Taking on this task, I thought it would be a simple, plain email. Boy, did Lewis have a different vision! Lewis introduced me to an awesome website that allows you to pick and edit templates that allow you to create fun and professional email campaigns.  After we brainstormed and clarified our main points, we organized it all into a campaign template. As always, technology was playing games with me! Ended up taking more time organizing and making the template look appealing than to write it!  We really had to pay attention to keeping the email simple and clear. Once everything came together, we sent our finished product out into the wild! We were able to watch our 'open rates' and 'click rates' grow as people explored our Spring email! 

For those who have yet to see the new website, logo, and operating system, go to: